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Current projects:


‘Comedian’ is a piece of theatre about stand-up comedy exploring the increasingly accessible world of stand-up and the struggles it performers face. Struggling to make his jokes work and remember his lines. Struggling, like everyone else, to be taken seriously whilst convincing his family and himself that his life is on the right track.

First performed: Friday 9th December 2016, The Lofthouse, Nottingham (As part of the Nottingham Comedy Festival)

Written and performed by Andy Fowler

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Hap (Less One)

Meet Hap, the most useless being you will ever meet. This guy has no idea about anything. We find him lost and alone after being abandoned by his girlfriend (we have no idea how he got one) as he learns to fend for himself and genuinely function like an acceptable human being. Unfortunately, he isn’t really much of a human being, he’s just a bloody clown.
This show takes his study in clowning and physical comedy over the last couple of years that has resulted in the creation of Hap, the useless fellow who is demanding your attention for one hour.
‘Hap (Less One)’ is a completely unique hour long free-for-all in physical comedy, clowning and audience participation for childish adults.

First performed: Saturday 6th February 2016, Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester (as part of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival)

Written and performed by Andy Fowler