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Diss Fest ’17: Comedy Night

It was great to be back at Diss for the third festival by Unit Twenty Three. Last year we had a lot of fun putting on a comedy night as part of their Saturday night programme, so I was delighted that they asked me back to do more of the same.

This years comedy night, much like the rest of the festival, was bigger and better in most ways. I was very lucky to have such an impressive line-up of talented comedians to show off to locals of Diss.

Having only seen one of the acts previously (Kahn Johnson) I was excited to see what they would bring to the gig. If their comedy CVs were anything to go by alone, the night was set up to be a success.

Unsurprisingly, I wasn’t left disappointed. Opening with a strong set from Martin Westgate, whose punnery and wordplay was quick-paced and slick, the audience were easy to keep happy thereafter. Kahn Johnson followed with material that worked really well with his local (ish) audience and it was great to see someone you know do material you haven’t seen and keep the crowd cheering.

With our third act, we treated the audience to Peter Thomas’ character, Trisha Timpson. A Brexit fueled set that worked well with the room/marquee. Trisha’s character was well delivered clearly well practised. I’d like to see more of what Trisha could do (oo-err) and see how she develops.

After a short break the audience were still with us, which is something that doesn’t always happen! They were right to stick around though, next was Rik Carranza. I hadn’t seen Rik before but I could tell from what I had seen online and through reviews that he’s spent a long time developing his act. His set was high energy from start to finish and the crowd loved it. An incredibly likeable act, you couldn’t help but be sucked in to what Rik was saying and stay completely engaged. It was great to hear about his two shows coming to the fringe this year, after seeing him on the night I’ve no doubt he’s going to enjoy some great reviews.

Our headliner was Doug Segal. An act I’ve known about for some time but been unable to book due to doing a lot less nights recently. Everyone I have spoken about him have nothing but good things to say about his act. It was lovely to have him with us and his mind-reading & stand-up combo was lapped up by the locals. His routines were both hilarious and mind-blowing. Doug, also being quite local to Diss, was really enjoyed by a crowd who were ultimately surprised by how much local comedy talent lived in the NorfolkSuffolk region.

Most of our acts were pretty local to the night and others came those extra few miles because they love what they do. I can’t appreciate their efforts more. I only hope I did them justice as their MC and promoter for the night.

We were lucky enough to grab some photos from the night so check them out below.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Diss Fest for having me back, all the people at Unit Twenty Three for their hard work, the talented lads at Blue Shed for teching the shit out of that town, to the audience and my friend Emrys, who is foolish enough to keep inviting me back.

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