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WAIT! As you can probably see, we are in the middle of a bit of an update.

It’s been a while since we’ve given you any news and many things have changed. In the meantime, let us give you a brief overview of what’s been happening:

Out with the old and in with the new:

The last few years have been a blast running our regular comedy nights around Nottingham. However, with both Andy’s looking to focus more on other projects, we’ve decided to give the Fowl Humour comedy nights a rest.
We’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with some incredibly talented comedians, both local and across the UK. We’d like to say a massive thank you to all of those we’ve been able to support, as well as the many others who have contacted us looking for gigs. We feel very passionately about live comedy and being able to see the acts we’ve promoted go on to bigger and better gigs is really rewarding. We wish we could thank you all but there has been so many. You know who you are and for better or worse we hope you remember us. Even if it was the latter, we hope it helped you in your development as a comic.

We also owe a big thank you to the venues who have opened their doors to us over the last few years. In Nottingham we would like to particularly thank The Cross Keys & The Lofthouse, who have given us a roof for both comedy nights and special shows as part of the Nottingham Comedy Fest with our good friends at NCF.  We’ve seen some very hard-working venue staff do some great things whilst supporting lots of local artists in an ever competitive environment. For that we salute you. We hope to work with you all again in our new projects.

With both Andy Fowler and Andy Hughes happily enjoying new projects, we feel the comedy scene is more than healthy in Nottingham with the likes of NCF and many others (including the big boy & girl clubs) providing lots of spots for comedians looking to develop.
So what are we doing instead? Well…

Mr Hughes goes to the movies:

Andy H is busy recording more and more of his increasingly popular DinosaurMan podcast with friends Hudo, Marc and many other regular guests. Apart from Fowler.. In fact, in one episode I think they clam he’s actually died.
Either way, they are great and well worth a listen.
You can listen to them all here or subscribe on itunes.

Fowl just went Fowler:

After a brief break, Andy F is back writing and performing comedy with his new material. Andy will be filling his diary with stand-up very shortly whilst continuing to develop his solo theatre shows. This year Fowler will be taking his newly developed show, ‘Comedian’ to more venues. Details on all of this will arrive shortly as all Fowl Humour sites (website, Twitter, Facebook etc.) will now be promoting Andy Fowler’s comedy projects.

So, while we re-brand and get ready to update you on Fowler’s projects, please be patient. We’re not saying it’s definitely important BUT the last time we were around the UK was still in the EU and Trump didn’t own nukes.

Speak soon,

Andy Fowler & Andy Hughes

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