Meet Hap

Introducing the next project from Fowl Humour’s Andy Fowler

As the wake of the Nottingham Comedy Festival calms and as we finish a short break here at Fowl Humour Towers, it’s just about the right time to let you in on a project we’ve got brewing for 2016!
For the last couple of years, Fowler has been itching to get back to his Chaplin and Buster Keaton inspired, physical comedy roots that gave him the comedy buzz in the first place. With our comedy nights growing from strength to strength due to the efforts of our Mr Hughes, the theatre side of Fowl Humour has been developing nicely in the background. And as such we’ve had more time to really play about with what we want to put out as a company and what different forms that may take.
Since September Fowler has been locking himself away every now and then with some trusted brains in an attempt to research, workshop and relearn. The aim was to learn how to play, clown and all round mess about with physicality again.

It has been going really well, and as a result this chap was born…

Hap Less One Poster image smaller

This is Hap, our new clown. Well… This is a heavily edited poster image that gives you a general look at his face… But you get the idea!

Our aim in the next year is to put Hap in as many situations as possible, grow him, and see how well he can truly mess up anything we throw at him, all in the name of physical comedy and clowning.
We’re already well ahead of ourselves too.
His first proper outing is already planned for 2016’s Dave Leicester Comedy Festival  in February.

His first show, Hap (Less One), takes place on Saturday 6th February, 19.00 at The Attenborough Arts Centre so check it out!

Tickets are already on sale and Andy is well into the devising process. The show will focus around Hap straight after he has been abandoned. It will look at how he attempts to function on his own for the first time. The hour long show is ultimately an exhibition of our understanding of physical comedy and clowning via Hap. It will be funny, it will look at how we can create humour through different forms and will hopefully make you want to stop taking life so seriously as both Hap and the audience fail together.

We’ll keep popping back and updating you on how Hap, and his show, develop during in rehearsals. In the meantime, check the links below and read more about the show coming up in February.

Facebook event 

Dave Leicester Comedy Festival listing

The Fowl Humour Team


PS – Hap is also Tweeting… Poorly. @Hap_Less_One


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