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Announcing our first play!

After a while setting up plans and schemes, we announced a while ago that Fowl Humour is soon to begin producing theatre exploring the use of comedy in performance as well as our award winning comedy nights. As exciting as all this is, it means very little without our first show, So without further ado, we at Fowl Humour are incredibly excited to announce our first production will be…

Honest by D.C. Moore


Performed by Matthew Hunt

Directed by Andrew Fowler

Honest is a 45 minute monologue written by Northampton playwright D.C. Moore. Led by a character who takes telling people the truth far more liberally than most. In a state of utter loss of where he is going in life, Dave takes the audience through his opinions on himself, the people he works with and his admiration for his nephew. In one hilarious and touching story, Dave takes us though a night out which left him drunk beyond belief as he walks the streets armed only with a few cans of beer, a bottle of Smirnoff, wine, 2 McMuffins and a packet of Hula Hoops.

The play’s mix of humour through brutal, honest observation combined with the undertones of vulnerability and touching sentiment is what has drawn us to make it our first production. The script allows us to explore how we can create humour through the characters opinions and the way he speaks. It’s this flexibility in delivery that will be very fun to explore as a director and performer to see how we can keep an audience hooked to Dave’s story. Balancing the sometimes outrageous humour with the internal tragedy of the character is incredibly important and enforces our idea that comedy is not always a black and white genre but a grey area that has shallows and depths to it. The personal challenge I have set myself is to explore how much humour can or should be used in this piece and to what effect.

Our production has the luxury of being performed by Nottingham based actor Matthew Hunt. The play doesn’t need to be performed in a traditional theatre space, and in my opinion shouldn’t in order to create the best effect. We’ll be putting on of the performance in a couple of unique venues to be announced very soon. The length and density of the text also proves a mammoth task for Matt as an actor and for myself as a director to ensure focus isn’t lost and all the points of the story told aren’t brushed over. However, blessed with Matthew’s acting talents, I couldn’t be more confident about how the performances will turn out. Without wanting to spoil all the twists and turns of the story that Dave tells in his monologue, it is safe to assume that the audience could easily be left laughing, offended, touched, reflective or all of the above. This dense text of speech is going to be a delight to direct and promises a performance very different to your usual theatre experience,

Rehearsals begin this week and the first run of performances will be from May 27th.  We’re all very excited to be producing our first theatre performance here at Fowl Humour and look forward to what doors it opens down the road. First and foremost however, we are really looking forward to creating a quality performance in Nottingham with our stamp on it.

We’ll be back with lot more updates very soon!

-Andrew Fowler

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