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Announcing: ‘Sexy & Happy’ Our NCF 2014 Show!

This September the Nottingham Comedy Festival is back in venues all across Nottingham from Friday 19th to Saturday 27th. Not only is the festival a great event for everyone in Nottingham who enjoys quality local comedy but we love it because it marks the first year since we brought Fowl Humour Comedy to Nottingham.

Our first gig in Nottingham (and last years show) was a great success. All round we felt it a brilliant start to what has now become a fantastic year of comedy nights in the trusty Golden Fleece.
So with this years festival just round the corner we are really excited to announce our first two man, hour long show from Fowl Humour Founder and organisers; Andy Fowler & Andy Hughes in ‘Sexy & Happy’

The show will be an hour long gig made up of two half-hour sets, one from each Mr Hughes and Mr Fowler. As both comics are still within their first real months of gigging outside of Fowl Humour shows, this will the longest set of new material for each of them. Having written their sets over the last few months they are both looking forward to the last few rehearsals this month before the shows slot in the festival on Thursday 25th September.

Since last year and this coming September the lads have had a lot of experience testing out their comedic styles, met some great acts, learnt alot about themselves and are hoping this new show will display how far they have developed. The Fleece too has also come on leaps and bounds with a brand new refurbishment having happened last month the venue hasn’t looked better so it will be a great space to welcome the audience into.

Still early days of course but we have venue and a date for your diary as well as a poster too!

Keep following us on Twitter @fowlhumour & on Facebook for more updates soon.

Poster’s below and more info can be found Here

'Sexy & Happy' is on at The Golden Fleece Thurs 25th September.


The Fowl Humour Team

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