Starting Summer with a Smile

As July approaches so does the next Fowl Humour gig in Nottingham. June saw a short but busy break for us. This website has had a whole new revamp and we’ve been very lucky to book up all our next gigs through summer! We have also adjusted and added to our publicity material which is soon on its way to print. Keep an eye out across Nottingham and the surrounding area by the end of June for that. On top of all this, we will soon be announcing our next festival show that will start in September.

All this productivity is a great boost to start our first full summer in Nottingham. The Golden Fleece is currently having a full refurbishment which has given us this free month to do all the internal admin. It’ll be great to get back and see the venue with a fresh feel to it and it gives us an opportunity to do the Fowl Humour revamp and restart we’ve been looking for. The Refurb did however make us quickly rethink June’s plans and reschedule the acts we had lined-up. Luckily, hard working comics that they are, we’ve been able to keep all bookings from June and move them on to upcoming gigs this summer.

The main news is that now all sights are set towards summer and admin all checked, Fowl Humour is ready to keep on growing. As hopefully the new website will enforce, we are seeing 2014 as a year to use our hard-earned experience of comedy promoting and now begin to expand our brand. With this in mind it’s worth mentioning how much of a help our newest team member has been. Andy Hughes has been a great addition to our gigs management as well as it’s proceedings. Whilst helping keep myself sane, helping with act booking and providing general artistic value to the companies decision making process, Mr Hughes has been part of our line-ups. Both comic and MC on our nights, Andy has taken a lot of weight from my shoulders.

Myself and Andy Hughes are also excited to announce that as of September we will be performing a new show together. It will start as an hour long show split in half with 30 mins each of our own stand up. It’ll show first at this years Nottingham Comedy Festival. More information on all this will be announced properly later, but for now keep your ears and eyes open!

In the meantime have a look at Fowl Humour’s new publicity poster for our monthly shows starting again in July!

Coming to Nottingham soon.
Coming to Nottingham soon.

Thanks for keeping up with us everyone! Its been incredibly encouraging to have such important feedback from both audience members and comedians alike. Keep spreading the word and joining us every first Tuesday in Nottingham!

-Fowler & The Fowl Humour Team

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