Our new home in Nottingham!

After the success of our event at the Nottingham Comedy Festival this year, we are incredibly excited to announce that The Golden Fleece has taken us in and provided us with our own little comedy base!

We will now be putting on monthly shows in the best place in Nottingham for burgers!! (We’ve tested this, we’ve also had every other burger in Notts… These win hands down!)
So, from November 12th we will be launching Fowl Humour @ The Fleece! With a Comedy Christmas Party to follow on 17th December. As of New Year the first Tuesday of every month with be our Fowl Humour Night!

We’re very excited to get the ball rolling and already have a lot of ideas to fill the night, including a mammoth burger challenge and a chance to win the several hundred year old ancient ‘Golden Fleece’. (An original zip-up fleece said to be worn by Kings, found in the caves of Nottingham before it was stolen by a tramp, saved by Fowler on a drunk night out and febreezed).

We’ll have regular line-ups of some of the best, top comedians, both local and from around the UK, and we will keep trying to surprise you with some talented musicians too!

And best of all… It’s free entry!

So keep updated with us and we’ll keep you in the loop!

See you at The Fleece soon!

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