Show 2!

Well it’s been a while since our last show, and I’ve got to admit, it was as much fun as ever!

We were back at The New Adelphi in Hull, which is a great spot for a bit of late night fun! And this time we had three new performers with us; Alex Mitchell, Sarah Lewis, Curtis Young and Patrick Draper. As a performer, it’s always great to have new people join as, as it’s always interesting to see how different people perform, what they choose to write about and what they’re like on stage. Needless to say, they all went down a storm by the great audiences we get in. To mix things up a little, Alex was doing some performance poetry instead of stand up, and it got some big laughs which was great!

John Andrews and musician Jonny Neaves returned to the stage alongside myself with our wonderful resident compare Andy Fowler. If you were there, you’ll have seen how hungover I was after a rather large reunion, it was a miracle I didn’t throw up on stage! Despite all this, the night was great fun as always. The best thing about our previous two nights is the intimate atmosphere, as you’re practically performing on the audience’s laps! (so make sure you hold on to your pints!)

We’re really excited for the future of Fowl Humour and already have some plans up our sleeves! Keep and eye out, and we’ll be seeing you soon!


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