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Looks Like We’re Going Down Well (With Biscuits)

Fowler reflects on the companies progress so far and shares his thoughts on the first night…

With nearly a month since our first event and only about two weeks until our next, it’s safe to say all of us at Fowl Humour are pretty chuffed with progress so far.
The build up to the first night and launch of the company prompted a fantastic reaction from followers and likers of our social media pages.  It’s come to my attention, even more so now than when we started, that we rely so much on social media to get the word out about who we are. Our Facebook page received over 100 likes within the first 24 hours and our followers on Twitter are still steadily expanding. Without these masses of bored, sexually frustrated and nosey clickers taking breaks between their Candy Crush Saga gaming sessions, we wouldn’t looked half as good as we did on our first night.
Well… That isn’t all completely true. There have of course been various other factors that have helped bring audience attention to our silly goings on. Main of which is a result of our lovely Marketing and Publicity slave/team member. Rachael Abbey, who has been our eyes and ears over the internet. She has been making sure you hear about us as much as possible. So much so, that quite frankly, if it were all said in person it would constitute for a restraining order.

In the run up to night number one we were also lucky enough to attract the attention of the venues local press. Before we knew it and after a quick chat about biscuits with Ian from ‘features’ we were proud owners of a nice three column article in the Hull Daily Mail. The feature was very flattering and provided some extra bit of hype towards our debut night.

Hull Daily Mail Feature
Hull Daily Mail Feature

So… The 28th of April arrives and finally it’s show night. As to be expected everyone involved were all a bit nervous. I can certainly say myself that a few pints of ale were needed. But we really had no reason to worry… Apart from you know, the fact that in one single event a few months worth of planning, company set up, admin and general artistic reputation could go down the pan and block the hypothetical toilet that is our pride. BUT THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN! The night was a great success! And for this myself and the company have many aspects to be grateful of!
The acts, first an foremost, deserve all the praise that was laid upon them on the night. I personally was very proud to be among a line up of not just talented performers but friends too. After a short hello and welcome from yours truly, our night was underway with the fantastic Michael Hotchkiss. For those in the audience who didn’t know him, they soon learnt a lot about his personal and social issues. His self confessed geeky prowess made being a nerd look more cool and mainstream than fake designer specs worn by kids in jeggings with backcombed (raped through a bush) hair. As Michael took his well deserved applause, he introduced Fowl Humour’s very own Rachael Abbey to the stage. Now, I’m sure she won’t mind me confessing that before the night started she was feeling more nervous than Anne Frank playing a game of Kerplunk. Later in the night I revealed that it was in fact her first time as a stand up. The mass of applause from the audience said it all. She was great. Her material on vanity, office life and general bewilderment at the workings of modern day society went down a treat. I think the audience also enjoyed seeing a female stand up too. Especially a woman with more masculinity in her left hand that the rest of all the other men performing that night!
My set was next. I won’t ramble on about that too much as a much more valid opinion on how it was could be obtained by anyone who watched rather than myself. But I was happy with it. I got my laughs where I wanted and the audience were very kind. That’s all your getting from me about me! Finishing off my set I introduced the break in the night which gave everyone more chance to get jolly and take some photos with our ridiculous fake facial hair!
(Pictures of the night, by the way, can be found here!)
Jonny Neaves then took the stage. Iv’e said it before, and I’ll say it again. The amount of talent in this mans body makes me physically and mentally ill. He was brilliant. He always is. Entrancing the audience with his own music, he provided a great break in the nights line up! Listen to more of his stuff here!! 

The night was perfectly rounded up by the sublime talents of Alex Brook and John Andrews. Alex’s set provided the audience with a hilarious stand up-like blog entry into his current life problems. He dragged a member of the audience on stage and dressed her up as a woman he met of his travels, rewarded her with a bottle of wine and then parted ways with her. It was almost beautiful. His comfortable and friendly delivery turned him from funny middle class stand up, to a friend of the audience effortlessly. The microphone was then handed to Mr Andrews, Fowl Humour’s most experienced funny man. John’s character based observations provided the audience with a rather bizarre insight into the way John observes the world… Or maybe just the people of York… either way, as he made us all laugh one last time he thanked everyone, brought me back on stage and that was it…

I thanked the team, the venue, the acts and we were done. The audience finished their pints, bought more for the comedians, hung about a bit, ate the amazing biscuits and slowly the night wound down as the comedians sat, with big grins on their faces feeling pretty damn smug. So they should have. The debut night of Fowl Humour was over.

So yeah, we were all chuffed and still are. The New Adelphi Club were amazing and we couldn’t have wished for a better venue to start our company with. The space gave the night a nice intimate feeling and having the audience around tables rather than in rows kept the atmosphere friendly and informal. The last MASSIVE thank you has to go to Jane Williamson. Our Stage and Venue Manager. It was her organisation that kept the night running slick and feeling professional. She pressed the buttons and she quite literally had the power.

I think I’m done here now… I’ve waffled a lot and I’m surprised you are still reading. So let me end this dwindling thought process by saying thank you to our audience. Without you we would not have had a night with so much laughter…. quite literally… It would have been a empty room with five comedians, one stage manager, a musician, a disappointed girlfriend with sixty biscuits and some redundant posters. So please, if you enjoyed us, spread the word and keep coming back because we are!

More information on our second night will come very soon but in the mean time take a look at this link below!

Fowl Humour @ The Adelphi – Return of The Fowl

See you in just over a couple of weeks!
Cheers for reading,


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