Meet Hap

Introducing the next project from Fowl Humour’s Andy Fowler

As the wake of the Nottingham Comedy Festival calms and as we finish a short break here at Fowl Humour Towers, it’s just about the right time to let you in on a project we’ve got brewing for 2016!
For the last couple of years, Fowler has been itching to get back to his Chaplin and Buster Keaton inspired, physical comedy roots that gave him the comedy buzz in the first place. With our comedy nights growing from strength to strength due to the efforts of our Mr Hughes, the theatre side of Fowl Humour has been developing nicely in the background. And as such we’ve had more time to really play about with what we want to put out as a company and what different forms that may take.
Since September Fowler has been locking himself away every now and then with some trusted brains in an attempt to research, workshop and relearn. The aim was to learn how to play, clown and all round mess about with physicality again.

It has been going really well, and as a result this chap was born…

Hap Less One Poster image smaller

This is Hap, our new clown. Well… This is a heavily edited poster image that gives you a general look at his face… But you get the idea!

Our aim in the next year is to put Hap in as many situations as possible, grow him, and see how well he can truly mess up anything we throw at him, all in the name of physical comedy and clowning.
We’re already well ahead of ourselves too.
His first proper outing is already planned for 2016’s Dave Leicester Comedy Festival  in February.

His first show, Hap (Less One), takes place on Saturday 6th February, 19.00 at The Attenborough Arts Centre so check it out!

Tickets are already on sale and Andy is well into the devising process. The show will focus around Hap straight after he has been abandoned. It will look at how he attempts to function on his own for the first time. The hour long show is ultimately an exhibition of our understanding of physical comedy and clowning via Hap. It will be funny, it will look at how we can create humour through different forms and will hopefully make you want to stop taking life so seriously as both Hap and the audience fail together.

We’ll keep popping back and updating you on how Hap, and his show, develop during in rehearsals. In the meantime, check the links below and read more about the show coming up in February.

Facebook event 

Dave Leicester Comedy Festival listing

The Fowl Humour Team


PS – Hap is also Tweeting… Poorly. @Hap_Less_One


Precisely, Pinter. Our next show coming in August.


Introducing our next production: ‘Precisely, Pinter.’

Our second production is a night of three short plays by Harold Pinter. ‘Precisely, Pinter.’ looks at three of the famous writers smaller and perhaps lesser known plays. Their short and moderately simple staging requirements means we can make a night of three, different and incredibly engaging shows all in the space of one evening.

All three plays will be produced by Fowl Humour, directed by Nick Newman and performed by local, Nottingham based actors. The performance dates are:

Friday 28th & Saturday 29th August
Downstairs at The Lord Roberts Pub, Broad Street, Nottingham.

The running order of the plays during each night are as follows:

The New World Order
Performed by Richard Garton & Kristy Guest

Performed by Kristy Guest & Matthew Hunt

Victoria Station
Performed by Andrew Fowler & Matthew Hunt

Rehearsals are already well underway and the shows are looking really exciting. We are very much looking forward to seeing how we can put our own stamp on these great little pieces. We’ll have lots more info an the production as we get closer to the date, so keep checking back for details.
Hope to see you with us at the end of August!

The Fowl Humour Team

Our New Comedy Nights at The Ned Ludd

After a few months off planning and scheming away, us at team Fowl Humour are incredibly excited to announce that we have a brand new comedy night, in a brilliant venue in the heart of Nottingham.

Ladies and Gentleman, feast your eyes on Fowl Humour at The Ned Ludd!

fowlhumour ned ludd poster a3 copy

Not only do we have the pleasure to be working with the lovely folk at The Ned Ludd for 2015’s Nottingham Comedy Festival, but as of this June The Ned Ludd will become the brand new home for our monthly comedy nights.
Being slap bang in the centre of Nottingham is very exciting for us as hopefully it means we can bring a lot more people into our new nights that haven’t seen them before.
We will be using the whole of The Ned Ludd’s upstairs space, which means all the audience will have access to a bar in a private room for just them and the acts. For a minimal entry fee of only £4, we’re able to keep audience costs very low whilst opening the door for us to to pay the hardworking comedians that gig for us from the ticket sales.

Our new line up of comedians will now feature a paid opener and headliner spot as well as three other open spots that will allow for progression to paid spots with us in the future. We hope balancing both the audience needs as well as the acts we can create a night that is not only a lot of fun, but a professional one that will keep comedians and locals coming back for a quality night of comedy!

On another exciting note, we are also very happy to announce that our nights will also be working in association with Nav Brews Twisted Genius, craft stout beer! We are huge beer nerds at Fowl Humour so for our night to be associated with a proper good local beer is a massive geeky tick-in-a-box!

All the staff have been incredibly helpful and welcoming to us awkward comedy types so we are really looking forward to working with them to help develop this night into what we think can be the best gig of it’s type in Nottingham!

Our first night will be Wednesday 3rd June at 8pm. Then following on the first Wednesday of every month.

So get your diaries out, and book yourselves in to Fowl Humour at The Ned Ludd every first Wednesday! The first line up of comedians has been booked and soon to be announced so tell your mates and join us on the Twisted Genius!

See you in June Nottingham,

Andy & Andy

Our Honest Poster

Have a gander at our new poster for Honest, Fowl Humour’s first theatre production!

honest poster


Written by D.C. Moore

Performed by Nottingham actor Matthew Hunt and Directed by Andrew Fowler

Wednesday 27th – Thursday 28th – Friday 29th & Saturday 30th May

Downstairs at Lee Rosy’s 7pm

As part of Nottingham’s FONT Festival

All event details about the show and festival can be found on & the facebook event page. You can follow all updates on the production on twitter @fowlhumour.

Announcing our first play!

After a while setting up plans and schemes, we announced a while ago that Fowl Humour is soon to begin producing theatre exploring the use of comedy in performance as well as our award winning comedy nights. As exciting as all this is, it means very little without our first show, So without further ado, we at Fowl Humour are incredibly excited to announce our first production will be…

Honest by D.C. Moore


Performed by Matthew Hunt

Directed by Andrew Fowler

Honest is a 45 minute monologue written by Northampton playwright D.C. Moore. Led by a character who takes telling people the truth far more liberally than most. In a state of utter loss of where he is going in life, Dave takes the audience through his opinions on himself, the people he works with and his admiration for his nephew. In one hilarious and touching story, Dave takes us though a night out which left him drunk beyond belief as he walks the streets armed only with a few cans of beer, a bottle of Smirnoff, wine, 2 McMuffins and a packet of Hula Hoops.

The play’s mix of humour through brutal, honest observation combined with the undertones of vulnerability and touching sentiment is what has drawn us to make it our first production. The script allows us to explore how we can create humour through the characters opinions and the way he speaks. It’s this flexibility in delivery that will be very fun to explore as a director and performer to see how we can keep an audience hooked to Dave’s story. Balancing the sometimes outrageous humour with the internal tragedy of the character is incredibly important and enforces our idea that comedy is not always a black and white genre but a grey area that has shallows and depths to it. The personal challenge I have set myself is to explore how much humour can or should be used in this piece and to what effect.

Our production has the luxury of being performed by Nottingham based actor Matthew Hunt. The play doesn’t need to be performed in a traditional theatre space, and in my opinion shouldn’t in order to create the best effect. We’ll be putting on of the performance in a couple of unique venues to be announced very soon. The length and density of the text also proves a mammoth task for Matt as an actor and for myself as a director to ensure focus isn’t lost and all the points of the story told aren’t brushed over. However, blessed with Matthew’s acting talents, I couldn’t be more confident about how the performances will turn out. Without wanting to spoil all the twists and turns of the story that Dave tells in his monologue, it is safe to assume that the audience could easily be left laughing, offended, touched, reflective or all of the above. This dense text of speech is going to be a delight to direct and promises a performance very different to your usual theatre experience,

Rehearsals begin this week and the first run of performances will be from May 27th.  We’re all very excited to be producing our first theatre performance here at Fowl Humour and look forward to what doors it opens down the road. First and foremost however, we are really looking forward to creating a quality performance in Nottingham with our stamp on it.

We’ll be back with lot more updates very soon!

-Andrew Fowler

No Lie Notts: Writing Competition

We have some very exciting news at Fowl Humour!

Working in association with Act 2 Playwriting, we proudly present ‘No Lie Notts‘ a fantastic opportunity for writers to submit work which will be put on in some memorable and unusual spaces around Nottingham. The winning scripts will be expanded with guidance from Act 2 and produced in association with Fowl Humour as a response to our first theatre production. But more on that later!
Check out the brief below and get your submissions in!


Act 2, in association with Fowl Humour, are looking for 10 minute monologues set in a public space – a pub, a bench, a café – to be performed in Nottingham in late May. We are inviting writers to send us scripts which exploring the theme of honesty and have a Nottingham voice at the centre of them. We want to hear writers’ honest opinions about the city, its spaces and what maybe normally goes unsaid.

The scripts will be read by a panel and the top 3 will be produced, all other receiving feedback from the panel. The winning 10 minute pieces will be expanded with support from Act 2 and form part of an exciting week of theatre in Hockley and the Lace Market.

The brief

A script of no more than 6 pages for a solo performer with zero to minimal tech set in a public space in Nottingham, that could be in Hockley or the Lace Market.

Please send these via email to by 5pm on Friday 10th April.

Happy writing!

Act 2 & Fowl Humour

‘Best Open Mic Show’ 2014!

We did it!

Fowl Humour was officially awarded ‘Best Open Mic Show’ at the Midlands Comedy Awards 2014!

This January saw the first Midlands Comedy Awards held just outside Birmingham. The awards included Best Act, Best Club, Contribution to Comedy & many more awards recognising the best of Midlands comedy talent.

All nominations were put forward by comedy promoters and comedians from across the region. The voting process was then left to the public to decide who their favourite was and vote online.

To just be nominated is a massive compliment to us as promoters and the hard work comedians do for us in our shows. It recognises the brilliant talent that we display in our shows and is a credit to the brilliant acts we get to work with. But to actually win was completely unexpected! Particularly as all the other shows in our category were all West Midlands based, we thought we were outnumbered and out classed.

So a massive thanks is owed to all those who voted. A huge thanks to all the comedians who have worked with us and given us their time. The team at The Golden Fleece in Nottingham and all that helped us last year, thank you!

Here is to another year as our company grows bigger and makes even more mistakes!


2013-12-03 12.54.22

Fowler & Hughes